Sunday, September 14, 2008

Re: Firefox is missing the point

Regarding the new version of Mozilla Firefox, Seth Grodin writes:

So, Firefox needs to add functionality that makes the surfing experience better for all users when more users use Firefox.

I'm not sure I follow. Isn't the amount of people using the product/program secondary to the actual ease of use per user? Why do I care how many people are using Firefox? If the product offers quality and ease of use per individual user, then the product's user base will grow from that. But basing the quality of surfing experience on the number of users using it is a drawback to a browser, not a selling point. Doesn't the number of bugs/viruses/hackers increase with the amount of people using it? The whole reason I switched to Firefox in the first place is that I don't trust Internet Explorer with my personal info.

As far as Google Chrome, the only reason I'm trying it is because I've had great experiences with other Google products, namely Gmail and Picasa, not because all my friends are using it. Frankly I find the idea of getting a product because everyone else is using it annoying. Take that, iPhone.