Saturday, October 25, 2008

Re: Bruce Nussbaum - 3 Innovation Principles from Sam Lucente

3 Innovation Principles from Hewlett Packard's Innovation Chief Sam Lucente And How They Can Guide Us Through The Recession.

Posted by: Bruce Nussbaum on October 22

We are entering what may be a sharp and perhaps prolonged recession and innovation can help companies get through it. I remember talking with HP’s Sam Lucente a while back about what he did when Mark Hurd took over as CEO. HP was then in crisis and Hurd, an operations guy, was called in to save the company.

Sam told me that, as a designer, he came up with 3 principles that could help HP and Hurd. They are based on the power of design. Here they are:

1- Design Can Simplify. Design can save money by creating a common design language among different products that reduces parts and makes them more user-friendly. Design can also simplify supply chains and organizations in general, also saving money. Incremental design can be good design.

2- Design Can Differentiate. In a down market, a company needs to have THE product that consumers must have. That’s what Sequoia said recently to its startups. Design can come up with that killer product by understanding what customers need and want at this point in time and giving it to them.

3- Design Can Innovate. Recessions are great times to come up with a service, product or experience that is totally new and game-changing for launch once the economic recovery begins. Remember, Apple came up with Apple stores and the iPod as the tech bubble burst. Companies that cut back on innovation to save on cost in a downturn lose competitive edge in the upturn.

Thanks Sam. It worked for HP. It would work for all companies in this serious recession.

Necessity is the mother of invention; at a time when the roof is falling in on the biggest of companies, the ones who are resilient enough to roll with the punches will come out on top. Darwin's law: adaptation is survival.