Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bruce Sterling

mobile futures

“In this nearly 27 minute video Bruce Sterling, a leading futurist, speaker, columnist and science fiction writer, shares his vision on where mobile is heading. Preaching his story from a somewhat unconventional place, the pulpit instead of the stage, he managed to silence the audience. Check the video to see what he had to say to the Mobile sinners.”

Highlights from Bruce Sterling's speech:

'[Cellphones have] become a kind of remote control. And it really is becoming the real world answer to 20 year old computer science theories about ubiquitous computing.They're the portals of Ubi-Comp, these devices, these "handsets" '.

'We're used to thinking of the digital world is on this side of the glass, and the analog world is on that side of the glass, we're sort of touching the glass...I really think that's going away'.

'We live in a volcano, we live in a digital tech world...if you're talking about the social impact of digital technology...those who live close to the volcano are those who get covered in volcanic ash'.

'These things you are putting into peoples hands, these are not phones...You are putting banks into people's hands, you are putting clinincs into their hands. These are not phones, even with an "i" in front of [the name]'.

'Revolution eats its young'.